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Pamela Henry

Pamela Henry

Prescott, AZ


Pamela Henry-Walker has been a natural artist since she was a little girl. Elementary school is where her teachers noticed her talent for drawing, and had her drawing things for the bulletin boards.

After getting her B.F.A. at State University of West Georgia, she moved to New York to become an entertainer and help heal the world through art and dance. Her paintings have been seen throughout the world touching the hearts of many. She is an accomplished singer, dancer, and actress, traveling the world and making her mark in film, theater, and television.

Her first group art show in New York was at Lincoln Center’s Cork Gallery at Avery Fisher Hall.

While living in New York, she was a member of the West Side Art Coalition, and participated in many art openings with the coalition. One highlight of her early New York days, was having her college painting teacher, Mr. Bruce Bobick come to New York to see her show.

“It was quite an honor and a wonderful surprise. His being there was a big inspiration to me, and I was happy to show him that I was still painting.”

She is also a member of Friends of The Arts in Prescott Valley, Arizona, which is no longer in operation.

“Who is to say what art is or is not? I am a spirit that captures emotions and place them on a canvas.
My emotions seem to create my art, and I hope that you will feel something special when you view it. It doesn't matter what you feel, just as long as it can leave you with a thought.
I have been an artist since I was 5 years old. That was sometimes the only way I could get any special attention.
As an adult, I use my art to say what I feel without the limitations of words. I love it when someone tells me that my art made them feel something, and that is why they had to buy it, or that my art caused them to think. My job is done when I can make you feel and think.”

Pamela has had several art commissions, which include The Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation in Clear Water Florida, and the Phoenix Fire Department in Phoenix Arizona.

Pamela developed her own healthy candy business called "Pamela's Raw Organic Candy". It came about in her efforts in healing herself with detoxification and eating raw foods.

She is a Reiki Master, a certified Quantum-Touch practitioner, and has been trained in Dahnhak which was created by DR. Ilchi Lee.

To see more of Pamela’s art in person in the Arizona area, visit the Tis’ Visual Arts Center and Gallery in Prescott Arizona


*Tis Visual Arts Center and Gallery, Featured Artist, Prescott,AZ 2014

*3rd Biennial Art Alumni Exhibition UWG, Carrolton,GA. 2013

*Pancakes and Booze Art Show, Group Exhibition, Phoenix AZ 2013

*Tis Visual Arts Center and Gallery, Group Exhibition, Prescott AZ 2012

*Tis’ Visual Arts Center and Gallery, Featured Artist, Prescott AZ 2011

*Pony Expresso Cafe, Group Exhibition, Prescott Valley AZ. 2010

*2nd Biennial Art Alumni Exhibition UWG, Carrolton,GA. 2010

*Tis’ Visual Arts Center and Gallery, Group Exhibition, Prescott AZ 2010

*Prescott Fine Arts Association, Group Exhibition, Prescott AZ 2010

*Day Of The Dead, Group Exhibition, Sharlot Hall Museum, Prescott, AZ. 2009

*First Biennial Art Alumni Exhibition UWG, Carrolton,GA. 2009

*Day Of The Dead, Group Exhibition, Tim's Toyota Center, Prescott Valley, AZ. 2007

*Menrva Lyceum, Prescott, AZ, Group Exhibition, 2003

*Aloft Gallery, Prescott,AZ, Group Exhibition, 2003

*Henwak Gallery, On-line, One woman show, 2000 to present

*West Side Art Coalition, NYC, Group Exhibition, 1998,1999

*Cork Gallery:Avery Fisher Hall, NYC, Group Exhibition, 1991,1992,1993

*Gallery 118, Carrolton Georgia, Group Exhibition, 1991


Sky Bird by Pamela Henry


Tree of Life by Pamela Henry


Sunshine by Pamela Henry


Shaking in the Pines by Pamela Henry


Sunny by Pamela Henry


Magnolias for Two by Pamela Henry


Rise and Shine by Pamela Henry


Soft Magnolia by Pamela Henry


Bee Keeping by Pamela Henry


Grounded 2 by Pamela Henry


Violet Flowers by Pamela Henry


Which Road to Take by Pamela Henry


Nature at Pevine by Pamela Henry


A River Runs Through It by Pamela Henry


The Secrets of a Cactus by Pamela Henry


Decomposing Soul by Pamela Henry


Slick Rik by Pamela Henry


Masquerade by Pamela Henry


Sunny Day by Pamela Henry


At the top by Pamela Henry


Shadows of Peace by Pamela Henry


Mother Nature by Pamela Henry


Mushroom in the Grass by Pamela Henry


Enchanted by Pamela Henry


Find the Butterfly by Pamela Henry


Flowering Tree by Pamela Henry


Sweet Buttercup by Pamela Henry


Tiny Dancer by Pamela Henry


Long Ear by Pamela Henry


Pinky Pie by Pamela Henry


Sugar and Spice by Pamela Henry


Tender Love by Pamela Henry


Yellow Lane by Pamela Henry


Lavender Love by Pamela Henry


Mad People by Pamela Henry


Fake Notions by Pamela Henry


Box by Pamela Henry



Joshua's Sunflower by Pamela Henry


Blow Back by Pamela Henry


Love by Pamela Henry


Love Me by Pamela Henry


Twins by Pamela Henry


Pregnancy by Pamela Henry


Lily by Pamela Henry


Grace by Pamela Henry


Edible Dreams by Pamela Henry


Undying Passion by Pamela Henry


Tell Me The Reason Why by Pamela Henry